A sustainable stay

For the second year in a row we have obtained the certificate "Green Key" with the highest achievable level of "Gold"!

Local initiatives

In addition to operating sustainably in the hotel, we work closely together with "Samen Voor Eindhoven". They are an umbrella organization that builds bridges between companies, social organizations and the local government. Together they are committed to social initiatives such as the Salvation Army. For more information about Samen voor Eindhoven, please visit

About Green Key

Green Key is the international hallmark for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure industry and business market. Companies with a Green Key label do everything they can to save the environment, without compromising on comfort and quality for their guests. In doing so, they go a step further than normal laws and regulations require. For example, a Green Key accommodation will always be economical with energy and water. This includes the use of LED lamps, light sensors and timers for air conditioning and heating. No more washing is done than necessary and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used, for example. And all this with a special attention that not only promotes the feeling of comfort, but also the status of nature and the environment. For more information, go to